Hi. My name is Cyndia and I’m a patient of Dr. Page here at Arizona’s Vision and I use the Orthokeratoogy retainers. Before I had contacts, I couldn’t see anything in front of my face. But now, I can read the board at school and see things from really far away. They’re hard contacts. So they’re a lot easier to clean than soft contacts. You’re not going to worry about turning them inside out. You’re not going to worry about them ripping and as a runner, I don’t have to worry about ripping my contacts or my glasses falling off my face when I’m running.

It’s going to be nice for me when I learn how to drive because glasses, there’s glare in the sun and with soft contacts, one minor shift and all of a sudden it’s hard to see anything. But with these, it’s just like natural vision, except it’s better than what you would normally have.

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